The articles in this section deal with battles, sorted by WWII theater, and then month. Battles not in WWII are grouped by war.

Tank ramming (various fronts and dates)
Tank stakeouts (various fronts and dates)

Battle of the Somme (September 1916)

Interbellum Conflicts
Battle for the Chinese Eastern Railway (November 1929)
German experience in the Spanish Civil War
Tanks in the Spanish Civil War
Second stage of the Guadalajara Operation (March 1937)

Eastern Front
25th Tank Corps in Poland (September 1939)
Preparing for an invasion (June 1941)
125th Tank Regiment state of readiness (June 1941)
Battle of Raseiniai (June 1941)
Kolobanov's battle (August 1941)
Tanks of the Leningrad Front (September 1941)
Battle at Lipovka (September 1941)
Battle at Semenovka (September 1941)
Battle at Vasilievka (September 1941)
Battle at Mtenovka (September 1941)
KV-1 vs Flak battery (September 1941)
Battle at Shtepovka (September-October 1941)
Battle at Bogoduhov (October 1941)
Battle at Belgorod (October 1941)
Operation Typhoon (October 1941)
Soviet tankers against Typhoon (October 1941)
Defense of the Maloyaroslavl Fortified Region (October 1941)
Combat path of the 16th Independent Tank Brigade (September 1941-May 1942)
Heroes of the 16th Independent Tank Brigade (September 1941-May 1942)
Repairs in the 16th Independent Tank Brigade (September 1941-May 1942)
Tanks of the 54th Army (October-December 1941)
Battle at Volhov River (November 1941)
A-20 in combat (November 1941)
Lavrinenko at Gusenevo (November 1941)
85 mm AT guns (November 1941)
Battle for Kryukovo and Kamenka (December 1941)
Bulba's BT ram (1941)
Toropetsk-Holmsk Offensive Operation (January-February 1942)
29th Army's tanks (February 1942)
54th Army in combat (March 1942)
Baryshev's Breakout at River Mga (April 1942)
Second Raseiniai (July 1942)
Battle of Stalingrad (July 1942-February 1943)
Element of Battle at Polunino (August 1942)
107th Independent Tank Battalion at Turyshkino (August 1942)
Loss of Baryshev's Tank (August 1942)
Battle for Sagopshin (September 1942)
Sherman's Debut (October 1942)
KV vs German AT guns (November 1942)
Operation Uranus (November 1942) (in more detail)
5th Tank Army in Operation Uranus (November 1942)
Artillery at Stalingrad (November 1942)
Operation Winter Storm (December 1942)
136th Rifle Division in Operation Spark (January 1943)
Dancing with Tigers (January 1943)
Battle for Workers' Village #6 (January 1943)
Skvortsov's T-34 Ambush (February 1943)
Operation Star (February 1943)
55th Army's Offensive Operation (March 1943)
Battle of Kursk (April-August 1943)
Battle for Lukhanino (July 1943)
Battle of Prokhorovka (July 1943)
Panther's failed debut (July 1943)
Battle of Ponyri (July 1943)
Tank Battle at Prokhorovka (July 1943)
Zamulin on losses in the Battle of Kursk (July 1943)
Artillery at Kursk (July 1943)
Tigers at Teploye (July 1943)
Battle for Teploye (July 1943)
German view of Teploye (July 1943) (part 1part 2)
Experience of the 70th Army at Kursk (July 1943)
Mius Front (July-August 1943)
Panther ambush at Zhudre (August 1943)
Losses of the 1st Belorussian Front (July 1943-October 1944)
Liberation of Kharkov (August 1943)
Battle at Chemodanovka (August 1943)
Kursk Aftermath (August 1943)
Battle for Pavlovo (August 1943)
Battle for Trostyanets (August 1943)
Suvorov Strategic Offensive Operation (August-October 1943)
Smolensk-Roslavl Offensive (September 1943)
Sinyavino Offensive (September-October 1943)
Kiev Operation (September-November 1943)
Liberation of Fastov (November 1943)
Defense of Fastov (November 1943)
Defense of Yastrebenka (November 1943)
Defense of Chepovichi (December 1943)
Liberation of Novgorod (January 1944)
16th Tank Brigade in the liberation of Novgorod (January 1944)
Battle at Oratoff (January 1944)
Stronghold at Voyskovitsy (January 1944)
Vanishing Act at Volosovo (January 1944)
Taming the Panthers (January 1944)
IS-85's debut (February 1944)
Infantry vs Tigers (March 1944)
Liberation of Odessa (March-April 1944)
Uman-Botoshani Offensive (March-April 1944)
Attempted Breakthrough at Tarnopol (April 1944)
Friebe at Tarnopol (April 1944)
ML-20 vs Tigers (April 1944)
ML-20 battery vs Tigers (April 1944)
Tiger attack repelled at Gerasimov (April 1944)
Tigers of the 507th (May 1944)
Defense of the Dniester (May 1944)
Wyborg Offensive (June-August 1944)
Operation Bagration (June-August 1944)
Battle for Bogushevsk (June 1944)
Liberation of Senno (June 1944)
Road to Magerov (July 1944)
196th Tank Regiment's captured Panther (July 1944)
SU-76 at Vilnius (July 1944)
Retaking Lvov (July-August 1944)
Losses in the Lvov-Sandomierz Operation and Belgorod-Kharkov Operation (July-August 1944)
Battle at Ogledow (August 1944)
Battle at Ogledow combat diary
Mortar vs tank (August 1944)
Defense of Tartu (September 1944)
Defense of height 91,7 (September 1944)
Dropping supplies for the Warsaw Uprising (September 1944)
Tigers vs. Shermans at Virvita Crossing (October 1944)
Narev Foothold (October 1944)
Ferdinands at Nikopol (November 1944)
Neelov's IS-2 Standoff (second half of 1944-1945, precise date unknown)
Infantry vs King Tigers at Polgárdi (December 1944)
Demographics of Auschwitz liberators (January 1945)
63rd Guards Tank Brigade vs. s.Pz.Abt. 501 (January 1945)
Tiger Armageddon (January 1945)
3rd Army in Eastern Prussia (January-March 1945)
Operation Spring Awakening (March 1945)
German tanks at Lake Balaton (March 1945)
Battle for Binnen (March 1945)
IS-2s at Roben (March 1945)
Air support for the 9th Tank Corps (April 1945)
Spotlights at Seelow Heights (April 1945)
Valentines of the 198th Tank Regiment (April 1945)
Taking of Brno (April 1945)
Fall of Berlin (April-May 1945)
Assault on the Reichstag (April-May 1945)
1st Guards Tank Brigade in Berlin (April-May 1945)
4th Guards Tank Brigade in the Berlin Offensive Operation (April-May 1945)
Surrender in Courland (May 1945)
Tank damage in Berlin (May 1945)

Transbaikal Front, Far East and Pacific Theater of Operations

Conflict at Lake Hasan (July-August 1938)
Battle of Khalkin Gol (May 1939)
Battles for Burma Road (December 1941-July 1944)
Battle of Guadalcanal (August 1942-December 1942)
Battle for the Philippines (January-February 1945)
Taking Iwo Jima (February-March 1945)
Japanese anti-tank tactics in Manchuria (August 1945)
Soviet tanks quartered in the Far East (August 1945)
Battle for Shumshu (August 1945)
Soviet-Japanese War (Operation August Storm) (August-September 1945)

North Africa and Middle East
Overview of the North Africa campaign (September 1940-May 1943)

Western Front

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