Soviet Union and Russia


This section is concerned with guns and their sights only. For information about the tanks that carried them, use the next section.


This section deals with tanks and other vehicles, but not tank guns, for the most part. If looking for information on the gun, use the section above.

Tank Markings

Guides and Manuals

Smokescreens in the 31st Tank Corps

Internal Affairs and Organization

Inquiry at HPZ
Factory #183 production problems
Reflections on the battle at Lake Hasan: tactics, technical
Reflections on the battle at Khalkhin Gol
NKVD reflections on tanks in the Winter War (part 1, part 2, part 3)
Conference on use of tanks in the Winter War (part 1, part 2)
Tanks at the Mannerheim Line
Spare parts oddities
Observation device QA
Pre-war tank exercise plan
Stalin's reaction to German invasion intel
Rubber research
Salary for Leningrad militia
Horse decree
Manufacturing problems at HPZ
Production and distribution of vodka for the army
Revised vodka distribution orders
Order #227 in the 4th Tank Army
Reforming tank units and addition of women to the tank forces
Lost documents
Rewards for exceptional repair crews
Tank production window dressing
Captured tank report
Side effects of tank testing
Chamber of Secrets
Political work in the Red Army
70 years of victory
Victory parade
Kirov factory in the Great Patriotic War
Tank builders' autobiography
Difficulty repairing tanks
Translation issues
Lack of cars
Project management
Blocking detachments
Armoury of the Moscow People's Militia
Characterizing breakdowns and repairs
ZIK-7 production delays
Issues with producing prototypes
Control over tank production
Ranks and posts of tank crews
Ranks and posts of tank crews post-war
Order to add anti-tank infantry assets
Rewards for repairing tanks
More infantry and artillery in tanks
Payouts for tank killers
Recruiting tankers
Burial arrangements
Tank recovery rewards
On assignment of specialists
Birth of the GBTU
Red Army discipline abroad
Penalty company inventory
Vodka audit
Soviet spies in the German rear
The case of a missing T-34
Investigating abandoned money
Normalizing man-hours for tank production
Demobilization and amnesty
Prohibition on hunting
Recovering scrap metal from the battlefield
Seeking out sabotage in tank units
Reparations for injury
Detecting forged documents
Renaming evacuated plants
Leningrad People's Militia effectiveness
Tank unit inspection
Lost weapons in 1941
Tank crew training: operation in difficult terrain, 1944
Tank crew training: summertime vehicle operation, 1945
Tank crew training: engine and drivetrain, 1945
Rules for behaviour in Poland

Tank-bunkers (more tank bunkers)
Incendiary bottles ("Molotov cocktails")
Problems with tank testing
Kubinka exhibits
Importance of standards
Donations for tanks
Factory evacuation
Device for testing HEAT shells
Parade preparations
Pigeons at war
Fake tanks
Reactive armour
Fighting with hatches open
Assault rifle comparison
Spotlights at Seelow Heights
Report graphics (more)
Casualty estimations
RS-82 Rocket gun
Harsh fate of tank-less tankers
Rocket firing motorcycle
Invention rejection letter (internal version)
Keeping track of fuel tanks
French guide on Soviet uniforms
Defending Kubinka
Fire protection suit
Penetration testing of reactive armour
Supply problems at Sevastopol
Worker tank brigade
Winter and summer Molotovs
Camouflage umbrella
Pre-war R&D
Anti-tank foam
Pirate tactics
Pre-war tank maneuvers
Reindeer raid
Spring-loaded grenade launcher
Banner of Victory
Firewall and bottle field
Zhukov and Minefields
Buying guns in Iran
Requirements for lend-lease trucks
Bulletproof vests
SSh-40 steel helmets
Tank trailers
Road destruction prohibition
Tankers as snipers
Cost of aircraft engines
Aircraft ramming
Intel on foreign tank armies
Mastery classes
Tank unit reorganization
Tankers' day
Missing car and driver
Vodka thief investigation
Budyonniy's appeal for tanks
On Schmeisser's work in the USSR
Sturmovik tactics
Night fighter ground attack effectiveness
Introduction of the Ushanka
Penal unit formation issues


  1. Do you have any idea if there was ever a variant of the T-34-85 fitted with a KV-85 turret and gun?

    Also, do you know of any Pz IIIs armed with the Pak 38 anti-tank gun?

    1. There were T-34-85s armed with a D-5T, but none that used a KV-85 turret.

      I don't think the Pak 38 is suitable for installation into a tank turret, but the KwK 39 had identical ballistics.

    2. Ok, thank you for that. It's just that i saw some info (rendered pics at least) of those two vehicles on another website. The reason why i asked is to see whether or not either of those tanks could have a place in World of Tanks.

      Do you know of any instance of PzIIIs (Possibly Ausf. L) being armed with an anti-tank Pak gun?

    3. There were plenty of tractors and such that had Pak 40 guns mounted on them, and there was also a PzII chassis with a Pak 38. There are plenty more vehicles like this that can be added to WoT, I think SerB wrote that you can have at least four full German tank destroyer trees.

  2. I recall seeing the statistics regarding the number of artillery guns (of all caliber) in the USSR somewhere here, where does it go? or did I missed something?

    1. This one?

  3. Do you know why the Soviets never adopted HESH rounds? I recall reading one of your articles where they tested HESH against various HE rounds so I doubt that they did not have access to the technology...

    1. I've never seen any reasoning about why it was never implemented. From what I can tell, subcaliber fin stabilized AP was good enough and there was no reason to go with a risky new technology.

    2. Interesting, I would have thought the Soviets would have loved the versatility of HESH against armoured and unarmoured targets but I can see why they would prefer APDSFS with the greater velocity. Thanks!

  4. HI, very nice work with your site. Could be there a schance to cover the translation of the documents reporting the causes of tank losses? More here:

  5. Is there any article on made-up soviet tanks?

    1. There aren't really any popular made up Soviet tanks aside from obvious photoshops.

  6. its really propaganda how you pathetically attempt to de-legitimise german scores and victories ( which btw HAD to be verified by no fewer than 4 sources ( my great great uncles fought in the luftwaffe ( one was head of the luftwaffe and charged with crimes while committing or authorising no such crimes) for then to be recognised yet EVERY russian victory was all together the degenerate zionist russians claimed to have destroyed over 3000 tigers by 1943 A FIGURE THAT IS NO DOUBT OVER EXAGGERATION TO UNHEARD OF LEVELS...

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    1. The germans used explosive ammo too. So I guess that the germans are "a culture of oppressive savage uncivilised criminal warmongers" too.

  8. I am working with a group of friends to see about perhaps making a facsimile of the BT-7 for use on airsoft fields. Our plan is to make it from scratch, but with modern materials and composites to save cost and make it more fuel efficient. How difficult would it be for us to get access to original blueprints so we can stay true to the design as much as possible?

    1. There are lots of blueprints uploaded here: I don't think they have a BT-7, but the author's contact email is at the bottom of the page, I'm sure you can ask for it.