Friday 27 May 2022

Winter Camo

 "Engineering Forces Staff
33rd Army
February 28th, 1942

I send you samples of winter camouflage that gave the best result in forested areas during proving grounds trials for a tank, a cannon, and a car.

Apply similar paint in units in order to establish effectiveness in fighting conditions.

Report on results of observing painted vehicles and report by March 10th, 1942.

Chief of Staff of the Engineering Forces, 33rd Army, Lieutenant Colonel [signature]
Major [signature]

Brief instructions on a new winter camouflage pattern

White paint available on the front lines is applied over top of summer protective green. A part of the hull (about 50-60%) is covered in large white spots. The rest is covered in 1-2 cm wide stripes that create a mesh with cells 4x4 cm to 15x15 cm in size. Apply the stripes by hand. It is not necessary to keep the lines straight and the cells the same size.

Examples for painting tanks, cars, and an anti-tank gun shield are attached.

Assistant Chief of the 5th Department, Directorate of Military Engineering Training, Main Military Engineering Directorate of the Red Army, Military Engineer 1st Class Sheglov"

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