Wednesday 22 September 2021

Repair Crews

 "Order of the People's Commissar of Tank Production of the USSR #438s
June 6th, 1942

For rapid repairs of hulls and turrets of T-34 tanks in front line conditions, I order that:

  1. A repair base must be organized at the factory #37 branch in Moscow.
  2. Acting Chief of the 3rd Directorate of the NKTP comrade Habahapashev must provide for technical repair organizations and ensure timely repairs according to requirements from the front and from the BTU.
  3. Director of factory #37, comrade Zelikson, must:
    1. Ensure that work linked to organization and preparation for repairs goes smoothly.
    2. Supply necessary floorspace for execution of preparations, production of tools and instruments.
    3. Supply repair brigades of up to 30 people with quarters and food.
  4. Directors of factories #183 (comrade Maksarev), #264 (comrade Korduner), #112 (comrade Rubinchik) must supply factory #37 branch in Moscow with the following within five days:
    1. 3 welders
    2. 1 cutter
    3. 2 experienced drillers
    4. 2 fitters
    5. 1 foreman for each brigade
      equipped with instruments and materials including:
      1. electric hand drills
      2. electric buffing machines
      3. 25-30 tungsten carbide drill bits
      4. flame cutters
      5. welding torches
      6. at least 200-300 kg of electrodes
      7. bench tools
  5. Chief of Main Supply, comrade Rozin, must:
    1. Equip the repair brigades with instruments, electrodes, oxygen, and other materials according to requests from factory #37 with approval from the 3rd Directorate of the NKTP.
    2. Issue one truck to factory #37 to transport the brigades.
  6. Chief of the Finance Department, comrade Shagalov, must issue 75,000 rubles to the Chief of the 3rd Directorate of the NKTP for bonuses to exceptional workers.
  7. All expenses incurred during repairs are to be covered by the factories that produced the hulls.
I warn you that this work is especially important for the front.

People's Commissar of Tank Production of the USSR, V. Malyshev"

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