Monday 15 June 2020

Video: Did T-34 Prototypes See Battle?

It is often claimed that T-34 tank prototypes were tested in combat in the Winter War, and sometimes even in the Battle of Khalkin Gol. I explore whether or not this was possible and where the tanks were at the time of these conflicts in my latest video.


  1. I have a question about T-34 tank. According Soviet manual from 1942, T-34 don't have spring for decreasing clutch pedal force, but according Polish manual from 60ties, T-34-85 use spring for clutch force decreasing. When T-34 tank got this device? BTW- I created quiz about T-34 tank. That's link-

    1. The Americans note that a T-34-85 captured in Korea had this spring, so presumably it was introduced sometime before 1950. I don't know specifically when.