Wednesday 22 December 2021

Winter Camo

"November 27th, 1944

According to an order of the Commander of the Armoured and Mechanized Forces, imported tanks that arrive in military acceptance departments in winter time are painted in white winter camouflage.

Tanks are then transferred to training regiments where the guns are tested and the tanks are used to train crew cohesion.

Experience from last winter showed that the camouflage is wiped off the tanks during firing and training, and the regiments are forced to paint the tanks again, which expends an excess of labour and paint.

I ask you to order the commanders of the 16th and 27th Independent Training Tank Regiments to request unpainted tanks from the GBTU Tank Directorate. Paint the tanks in the regiments before they are sent to the front.

Inform me of your decision

Deputy Chief of the GBTU Tank Directorate, Engineer-Colonel Muravich
Chief of the 5th Department of the GBTU TU, Engineer-Major Biletkin"

CAMD RF F.38 Op.11355 D.2190 L.254
Printed in Glavnoye Bronetankovoye Upravleniye Lyudi, Sobytiya, Fakty v dokumentakh, 1944-1945 p.229

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