Friday 31 December 2021

RPG-40 Manual

 "Study combat techniques! Anti-tank grenade model 1940

The impact anti-tank hand grenade model 1940 is designed to combat armoured cars and tanks. It can also be used to combat strongholds and field fortifications. The grenade weights approximately 1.2 kg.

The RPG-40 consists of a hull, a handle, and an impact fuse. The hull contains explosives. A handle is screwed on. A fuse is inserted into the top before throwing or on special orders from the commander. The fuse is held inside with a latch.

The grenade's trigger is held in the handle. The safety level disconnects when thrown and pulls out the safety pin. When the grenade strikes its target, a mobile weight inside the grenade will drive a rod forward. This frees two balls that then allow the spring to drive the firing pin into the primer.
Rules of handling the grenade

  1. Safeguard the grenade and especially the fuse from shocks and strikes that could damage the grenade's mechanism or trigger the fuse.
  2. Safeguard the grenade and fuse from fire, high temperatures, moisture, and dirt.
  3. When carrying the grenades, protect the bottom of the handles from shock.
    Always carry the grenade and fuses separately. Arm them immediately before throwing or on special orders from your commander.
  4. Study the design of the grenade, fuse, and throwing techniques only using training (dummy) grenades.
Grasp the grenade by the handle in your right hand in such a way that the safety lever is tightly pressed against the hull.

With your left hand, open the latch, insert the fuse, and close the latch. The fuse should enter the hull freely.

Pull out the safety pin and throw the grenade. If the grenade was not thrown, insert the pin back without releasing the lever, spread out its pins, then disarm the grenade.

Aim for weak points.

Destroy enemy firing positions!

After throwing the grenade, immediately hide: behind a hill, in a trench, behind a tree.

Taking apart the fuse, taking apart and reassembling the handle, and collecting or even touching unexploded grenades is forbidden.

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