Thursday 23 April 2020

BS-3 Sight Adjustment

"Directorate of Artillery
3rd Guards Tank Army
Department of Artillery Supply
January 31st, 1945

To the Commander of the 367th Field Artillery Regiment

100 mm model 1944 guns are equipped with drum sights with the following scales: Fragmentation Grenade, Armour Piercing, and mils or Fragmentation Grenade, Armour Piercing, Fragmentation Grenade (reduced charge) and mils. Due to imprecise markings of ranges only use the mils scale with 250K sight tables and the attached labels until drums are replaced.

Present these instructions to the gun crews.

Deputy Commander of Artillery of the 3rd GTA, Guards Lieutenant Colonel Yefimov
Chief of Artillery Supply, Guards Engineer-Major Telnov"

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