Thursday 2 April 2020

Fedorov Avtomat

"July 7th, 1924
Minutes #222/23

On weapons (Sheydeman):
  1. Categorically reject Fedorov's rifle if ammunition is not manufactured at the same time.
  2. As soon as possible limit the number of avtomats chambered in the 0.25" caliber, dedicating resources and effort to the creation of 0.3" avtomats and to starting production of these avtomats at the Kovrov factory. While maintaining production at the Kovrov factory, rapidly perform all organizational and technical changes, including changes to the personnel if necessary, that would allow the factory to transition to production of 0.3" avtomats. At the same time, work through the further fate of the Podolsk ammunition factory in connection with these directives and give a report detailing the feasibility of carrying out this task within two weeks.
  3. Leave the existing 0.3" cartridge without changes. Reject the heavy bullet, with the exception of the armour piercing one. Reject the dialling in and explosive bullet. 
  4. Present a report regarding the amount of bayonets being produced now and calculations regarding expansion of production, conditions to transition to sword bayonets, including re-equipping factories, as well as the time it would take to make such a transition. Support the conclusions of the Artillery Committee that the new rifle must be self loading and not fully automatic."

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