Friday 13 November 2020

Background Check

"Name: Koshkin, Mikhail Ilyich
Year of birth: 1898
Nationality: Russian
Education: engineer-designer
Party affiliation: party member since 1919
Party offenses: none
Membership in other parties: none
Membership in oppositional or anti-party groups: none
Membership in militaries fighting against the Soviet Union: none
Foreign contacts: none
Current position: Chief Designer
Recommended by: attestation commission
Recommended for: position of chief designer

Commissions' findings:

Comrade M.I. Koshkin is descended from poor peasants. He worked at factory #183 since December 28th, 1936, starting from the position of head of design department #100, then as the head of design bureau #24. On April 1st, 1939, he was nominated for the position of the factory's Chief Designer.

As the head of the design bureau, comrade Koshkin performed significant work in improving the design of the vehicle. He is a qualified engineer-designer and is prepared for the role of Chief Designer.

He is a self-starter, energetic, and stubborn. He is a good organizer and leader, he earned the respect of factory management. He continuously develops his technical knowledge. He is active in party and social work.

His qualifications match the requirements for the role of Chief Designer.

For his work at the experimental factory comrade Koshkin was awarded the Order of the Red Star by the Central Executive Committee of the USSR in March of 1936.

Commission chair, Makhonin
Commission member, Firsov
Commission secretary, Kushnir

Approved: factory #183 director Maksarev
April 16th, 1939"

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