Wednesday 25 November 2020

Distorted Tanks

"October _, 1942

To the Chief of Staff of the 1st Motorized Brigade

The Red Army General Staff reports that the German army has the following new types of tanks:
  1. T-5 tank. Weight: 30 tons. Armament: 1 88 mm gun and 2 machine guns.
  2. T-12 tank. Weight: 40 tons. Armament: 1 75 mm gun and 4 machine guns.
  3. V-K-18 tank. Weight: 18 tons. Armament: 1 20 mm gun and 1 machine gun.
Determine the presence of these tanks and their tactical-technical characteristics from interrogation of POWs and captured documents. Report to the 3rd Mechanized Corps on your results. Send captured documents and photographs of these tanks to the 3rd Mechanized Corps.

Chief of Staff of the 3rd Mechanized Corps, Guards Lieutenant Colonel Nikitin."

Looks like a bunch of nonsense based on unverified information that was pretty common, but these descriptions match reality quite well. The T-5 could very well be the VK 30.01(P), which indeed had an 88 mm gun. The T-12 looks more unusual, closer to the fledgeling Panther, which would have reached the weight of about 40 tons in late 1942. Finally, the V-K-18 could be the VK 18.01, but this tank only had machine guns for armament, unlike the similar VK 16.01 which the report could be confusing it with. 

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