Tuesday 8 September 2020

Gaining Weight

"NKSM Proposal
Regarding individual items in the Tactical Technical Requirements of the T-60* tank proposed by the GABTU
  1. The combat weight of the tank is set at 26 tons.
  2. The floor of the tank must be 20 mm thick in the front and 16 mm thick in the rear.
  3. The roof of the tank must be 20 mm thick above the fighting compartment and 16 mm elsewhere.
  4. Instead of a bow DT machine gun, install a flamethrower with a range of at least 90 m and 10-12 shots worth of fuel (10-12 L per shot). Reduce the amount of onboard fuel to compensate.
  5. Ground pressure must be no more than 0.65 kg/sq.cm.
  6. The driver must see the front fenders through the front observation devices.
Deputy People's Commissar of Medium Machinebuilding (Goreglyad)

Additional increase to the mass of the tank based on the Tactical Technical Requirements of the T-60* tank compared to the T-34 tank (weight 27,5 tons).
  1. Thickening of the rear floor plate from 16 mm to 20 mm: 136 kg
  2. Thickening the engine deck above the engine and transmission from 20 mm to 16 mm: 105 kg
  3. Increasing fuel capacity from 450 L to 600 L: 167 kg
  4. Widening of the turret: 350 kg
  5. Installing a commander's cupola: 120 kg
  6. Installing a flamethrower and fuel: 500 kg
  7. Additional fifth crewman: 80 kg
  8. More robust transmission to deal with the more powerful engine: 50 kg.
Total: 1508 kg.

Chief Engineer of factory #183 (Makhonin)
Chief of the Design Bureau at factory #183 (Kucherenko)"

* The T-34M tank with 60 mm of front armour was initially called T-60.

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