Monday 14 September 2020

T-60 for Dummies

"Brief directions regarding the use of T-60 tanks

The T-60 tank is a highly mobile combat vehicle armed with an automatic cannon.

The past snowy winter limited the mobility of these vehicles or in some cases completely stopped them from moving. This low effectiveness in the winter does not apply to any other seasons, especially in the spring and summer.

However, there are several commanders, even very responsible ones, who discard the T-60 tank as ineffective in battle without legitimate reasons. This opinion reaches the crews of the tanks and breeds a lack of trust for their vehicles.

This is an incorrect and harmful approach to the T-60 tank. Do not forget that any weapon can only be effective when it is used in a role within its technical limitations.

The T-60 tanks can be used:
  1. For reconnaissance.
  2. For protection.
  3. In offensive combat:
    1. In the second or third echelon of advancing tanks with heavy or medium tanks in the first echelon.
    2. In close cooperation with motorized infantry battalions in tank brigades.
    3. When pursuing the enemy.
When T-60 tanks encounter enemy tanks, they should engage from cover, aiming at the running gear or cannon of the enemy tank.

When T-60 tanks encounter enemy tanks in terrain that makes it impossible to fire from cover (open field, plains, etc) the T-60 tank needs to use its mobility (high speed, ease of steering) to maneuver in order to create favourable conditions for firing at the enemy tanks.

Example: when facing enemy tanks from the front, keep up automatic fire and relocate to hit it from the side (to fire at the running gear) or the rear (to fire at fuel tanks or engine). Fight together with your infantry against enemy infantry.

In reconnaissance and in clashes with the enemy the tactics are the same as during an offensive.

Authorized representative of the Deputy Commander of Armoured and Motorized Forces of the South-Western Direction, Lieutenant General of the Tank Forces, Tamruchi"

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