Wednesday 2 September 2020

AP-I Bullets

"250th Rifle Division HQ
Artillery Supply Department
December 3rd, 1941

To Chiefs of Artillery Supply of Rifle Regiments of the 250th Rifle Division
Copy for only the 916th Rifle Regiment

I propose to you that you should instruct each of your troops via chiefs of supply and squad commanders regarding the use of BS-40 armour piercing bullets issued in your units. Issue 10 rounds to each soldier on the front line and ensure that they are kept well and used only against armoured targets.

Notes on use of AP-I BS-40 ammunition:
  1. The 7.62 mm BS-40 AP-I bullet has improved penetration compared to the BS-30 AP bullet and BS-32 AP-I bullet.
  2. The BS-40 round is an effective means of combating armoured targets from a short range (at most 300 meters). The best effect is had when firing at vulnerable parts of the target (sides and rear, vision ports of a tank or armoured car, etc).
  3. Use the ammunition sparingly, do not permit shooting at a range of over 300 meters.
  4. Load the BS-40 rounds only when armoured vehicles appear on the battlefield. After their retreat or destruction, unload the remaining BS-40 rounds and load regular ammunition.
Chief of Artillery Supply of the 250th Rifle Division
Military Engineer 2nd Class, Strelets"

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