Thursday 14 May 2020

Study Guide

Deputy Commander of the 2nd Tank Army
Major-General of the Engineering Tank Service
September 9th, 1944

Directions for planning combat training of tank commanders and tank drivers

Due to insufficient training of tank commanders and drivers arriving in marching companies on issues of service, usage, and driving of tanks, especially in forested, swampy, or sandy terrain, the repair and usage department of the [illegible] considers it necessary to organize technical training for newly arriving commanders and drivers over the course of 20 days, a total of 80 hours.

Cover the following in technical training:
  1. Service of tanks (brief inspection, everyday service, technical inspection) - 12 hours
  2. Adjustment of components, assemblies, and mechanisms of the tank, diagnosis and correction of issues - 30 hours
  3. Application of fuel and lubricants - 2 hours
  4. Driving theory - 4 hours
  5. Practicing driving tanks in sandy, forested, and swampy terrain - 12 hours
    Driving practice also covers firing training and tactics.
  6. Preparation for using tanks in winter time. Care for vehicles and specifics of servicing it in difficult conditions during the winter in the field - 8 hours
  7. Marching, preparation for marching, and order of marching - 2 hours
  8. Preparing tanks prior to battle at camping positions - 2 hours
  9. Preparing tanks for battle at initial positions - 2 hours
  10. Servicing tanks after battle - 2 hours
  11. Keeping a technical log for the tank and its engine - 2 hours
  12. Evacuation of disabled tanks - hours
In addition, officers of repair units or squads must cover the following:
  1. Technical requirements of repairing tanks - 14 hours
  2. Process of repairing tanks - 16 hours
Chief of the Repair and Usage Department, Engineer-Major Chulkov"

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