Thursday 28 May 2020

Christie Price List

"Minutes of the discussion between comrades Khalepskiy, Gobar, and mister Christie
  1. Christie only produces one type of tank and wishes to elaborate on interest in "the type of tank that you produce for sale to the US Army and abroad".
  2. No tanks are currently runners. The old one was taken apart, the new one is being assembled. The new one is similar to the old one with improvements.
  3. For $200,000, he will sell technical information and rights to build three types of tanks:
    1. Main type
    2. Amphibious
    3. With a 6" gun mount (chassis)
      The last two types are likely obsolete. The amphibian is 6 years old. The new tank does not swim.
    4. The Army Department must give permission for the sale (mister Samurai or the Secretary of War). Christie will obtain the permission himself if we send him a letter with an official request.
    5. Christie says that rights were already sold to Japan and Poland, the last one having obtained them recently.
    6. Christie is going to Washington on Thursday (the 10th) until April 30th.
    7. The Christie company consists of: Christie himself, the effective head, Christie's wife, who holds all the stock, and Tiffany, the official head of the company.
Negotiations were conducted on April 7th, 1930, at Amtorg between comrades Khalepskiy, Gobar, and mister Christie.

Deadline: 4 months
Cost of each vehicle: $30,000
Due at signing: $15,000
After experiments: $15,000
Two weeks.
60 days to conduct experiments.
Total: $200,000
$50,000 in cash, the rest is on credit"

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