Wednesday 11 March 2020

Tanks and Air

"Orders to the 4th Tank Army #019
July 24th, 1943

The Army Commander orders that:

Friendly identification markings for aircraft consist of:
  1. For cabins of trucks and turrets of tanks: a white triangle at the top, as large as possible.
  2. Motorized rifle units mark the front line with white strips of fabric.
  3. When our aircraft are seen, immediately fire green-red flares and a burst of tracers towards the enemy.
  4. In places where vehicles gather and at storage yards spread tanks and trucks 25-30 meters apart and leave 150 meters between companies.
  5. It is forbidden to place tanks or cars in forest clearings and small tree groves.
  6. In any case and in any circumstances when vehicles are assembled and at collection points immediately take measures for camouflage. At collection points immediately erect camouflage and organize a guard.
  7. When enemy aircraft attack our columns, immediately disperse and keep moving.
  8. When enemy aircraft attack our assembly or collection points or moving columns, immediately fire white flares.
  9. The gun barrels must point towards the enemy at all times.
  10. Appoint special troops and junior commanders for firing flares, prepare flare guns.
Establish the following signals to identify friendly units: for tanks and cars they are drawn on the front and the sides, for the corps aircraft: at the bottom of the wings and the sides of the fuselage.
  • 30th Tank Corps: rhombus
  • 11th Tank Corps: arrow with a tank in the center, inside a circle
  • 6th Mechanized Corps: rectangle
  • Army units and aircraft: arrow with the letter Д in the center.
Authorized representative of the Chief of Staff of the 4th Tank Army, Major General Drugov"

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