Thursday 19 March 2020


Out of the many resilient myths that surround the T-34 tank, there are several that revolve around the rarest one of them all: the T-34 tank armed with the 57 mm ZIS-4 gun, specifically the four experimental tanks produced in 1943. Many sources give these tanks and their guns some kind of made up name like T-34-57 or ZIS-4M and claim that these tanks fought in "special tank company #100" from August 15th, 1943. All three of those claims are false.


On August 18th, 1943, we the undersigned:
  • representative of the Gorohovets ANIOP Guards Senior Lieutenant-Technician A.F. Platonov
  • representative of factory #183 engineer-designer U.Ye. Hlopenko
  • GBTU military representative at factory #183 Lieutenant-Technician Belyanskiy
  • commander of T-34 tank #36-322 Lieutenant G.S. Romanov
compose the current act to record that, during the breaking in and firing on the move trials of the ZIS-4 gun mounted in a T-34 tank at the Gorohovets ANIOP the following defects occurred after 200 km of travel:
  1. The air thermometer did not show water temperature. The thermometer was replaced with one that arrived from factory #112.
  2. The left fender was torn off while driving on the forest road.
  3. The headlight was smashed while driving on the forest road.

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  1. There's a "T-34" in the Russian text between "ZIS-4" and "200 km" so I don't believe that is translated correctly.