Friday 5 March 2021

85 mm for Dummies

 "To Commanders of Army Artillery and Commanders of Tank Armies

Main Artillery Directorate of the Red Army
Artillery Committee
December 25th, 1943


The Main Artillery Directorate of the Red Army learned that troops do not always correctly use ammunition for 85 mm tank and SPG guns. I ask you to explain the following to the troops:

85 mm tank and SPG guns are equipped with ammunition from the 85 mm AA gun:

  1. BR-365 armour piercing-tracer rounds
  2. O-365K steel cased HE rounds with KTM-1 fuses.
The BR-365 shell is designed to fire on armoured targets.
The O-365K steel cased HE round with a KTM-1 fuse is designed for use against enemy personnel and targets behind light field fortifications.

The KTM-1 fuse has the following settings:
  1. With a cap: delayed action.
  2. Without a cap: instant action.
If there is no AP available, O-365K rounds with KTM-1 fuses can be used against armoured targets with the cap removed.

In addition to these two main types of rounds, the 85 mm tank and SPG gun can also fire the O-365 HE shell with the T-5 timed fuse. The HE shell with a T-5 fuse can be used for the following:
  1. For indicating targets.
  2. For signals.
  3. For destruction of enemy personnel.
The Main Artillery Directorate published instructions for firing 85 mm tank and SPG guns which include all data necessary to fire the guns.

GAU Chief Colonel General of Artillery, Yakovlev
Assistant Chief for Self Propelled Artillery of the Operational Department of the 1st Ukrainian Front Armoured and Motorized Vehicle Staff, Major Gorbachev"

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