Wednesday 24 March 2021

Big Gun, Small Turret


"The 85 mm S-53 tank gun is installed in the regular T-34 turret. The stock turret is 130-150 mm narrower than the one housing the LB-1 gun and the turret bustle is smaller, fitting just 5 rounds instead of 12.

The cramped turret makes it difficult to retrieve ammunition from the racks on the floor. The small turret primarily negatively impacts the location of ammunition and the process of retrieving it from the ammunition racks.

The crew's stations are more cramped and therefore less comfortable (0.44-0.49 m² for the gunner, 0.62 m² for the loader). Despite the somewhat cramped conditions troops can fit in their stations and perform their jobs. Their working conditions can be described as satisfactory, although they are worse than when the 76 mm tank gun (F-34) is installed due to the increased weight and size of the round."

Via Yuri Pasholok.


  1. Soviet Russia:
    As long as it works in some way, it's satisfactory xD

    1. Oh I was logged in with the wrong account the whole time =O

    2. Being a bit uncomfortable beats being dead.

  2. I am somewhat curious as to the depression angles for that gun.

    I am going to guess: "poor".