Wednesday 12 October 2022

Artillery vs Fortifications

 "To the Military Council of the 16th Army

1. Experimental trials using an anti-tank rifle, 45 mm gun, and 76 mm gun were performed against an earth and timber bunker on July 31st, 1942.

The size of the bunker was 5.5 by 5.5, the thickness of the walls was 1.4 meters, formed by two log frames. The space in between was filled with earth and logs. 

Results of firing from 300 meters:

  1. 76 mm regimental gun:
    1. HE grenade fused for explosive effect: the outer log frame is destroyed with one grenade. 5-7 direct hits are needed for complete destruction.
    2. Shrapnel with impact fuse: wall of the bunker is penetrated fully, shell explodes inside the bunker.
  2. 45 mm gun AP shell: penetrates both the front and rear walls of the bunker.
  3. Anti-tank rifle: at 100-200 meters the bullet penetrates one wall of the bunker. The bullet maintains enough energy to kill.
Conclusions: to improve the effectiveness of earth and timber bunkers, the thickness of the walls must be increased. Conduct additional trials.
Division commander, Colonel Terentyev
Military Commissar, Brigade Commissar Sedenkov
Chief of Staff, Lieutenant Colonel Sokolov
August 1st, 1942"

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