Wednesday 30 June 2021

KV's Replacements

 "To the Chief of the BTU, Military Engineer 1st Class comrade Korobkov
January 31st, 1941

I report the status of the work on the T-150 and T-220 tanks at the Kirov factory as of January 28th, 1941. The T-150 and T-220 tanks are still not ready for trials and have not been presented to the commission.

T-150 tank:

After replacing the engine that broke during factory breaking in on January 21st, 1941, the tank has still not been returned to a condition suitable for QA and Military Representative approval.
The gun mantlet design is unrefined and allows a gun depression of only 3 degrees as opposed to 6.5 degrees on blueprints.

T-220 tank:

The engine broke during factory breaking-in on January 25th, 1941. The experimental main bearings melted.
Presently, a new experimental engine is being installed on the tank. Chief Engineer of factory #75 comrade Chupakhin, currently at the Kirov factory, cannot vouch that the engines installed in T-150 and T-220 tanks will work.
Your decision is needed in equipping the T-150 and T-220 tanks with refined engines.

The T-150 and T-220 tanks were weighed on January 25th.
The combat weight of the T-150 is 50 tons 160 kg.
The combat weight of the T-220 is 62 tons 700 kg.

The GABTU's tactical-technical requirements give a limit of 48 tons for the T-150 and 56 tons for the T-220. I ask for your directions on whether or not it is sensible to put the T-150 and T-220 tanks through proving grounds trials if they do not meet the GABTU's requirements."

Via Padikovo museum

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