Wednesday 23 June 2021

ZIS-6 Production

 "Decree of the Committee of Defense within the Council of Commissars of the USSR
Moscow, Kremlin
April 5th, 1941

Contents: on production of the 107 mm tank gun

The Committee of Defense decrees:

  1. Factory #92 (factory director comrade Elyan and chief designer comrade Grabin) is responsible for development of a 107 mm tank gun with a muzzle velocity of 800 m/s with a fixed ammunition fitting an armour piercing shell weighing 18.8 kg.
    Produce, test, and deliver an experimental prototype of this gun installed in a KV tank by May 20th.
  2. Kirov factory (comrade Zaltsman) and the Izhora factory are responsible for producing a gun mantlet for installation of the gun in a KV tank and delivery to factory #92 by May 10th.
  3. The NKV must develop a blueprint for a casing based on dimensions of the gun chamber to house an armour piercing and high explosive shells (from the M-60 gun) with a muzzle velocity of 730 m/s for the HE shell and 800 m/s for the AP shell by April 20th June 1st.
    Produce 2000 proof rounds, 2000 HE rounds, and 500 AP rounds.
  4. The NKO (GABTU and GAU) must perform trials within 5 days of obtaining the gun.
  5. In order to develop ammunition, factory #92 must produce a 107 mm tube, install it in a A-19 gun barrel and deliver it to the Sofrino proving grounds by May 15th.
  6. In parallel with production of the prototype, the NKV must prepare mass production of the gun with the goal of producing 520 guns this year.
    Do not assign any other tasks to factory #92 this year except those relating to the 107 mm gun.
  7. After developing ammunition for the 107 mm gun, the NKV must set up mass production and produce 500,000 HE rounds and 100,000 AP rounds this year.
Chairman of the Committee of Defense within the Council of Commissars of the USSR, Voroshilov"

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