Thursday 20 February 2020


"Order to the forces of the 9th Army
January 29th, 1940
Active army

By order of the Stavka of the Supreme Command, fur ushanka hats have arrived for all personnel of the 9th Army.

I order that:
  1. The quartermaster of the army must:
    1. Issue fur ushanka hats to personnel based on the requests of unit quartermasters and commanders of independent units. Prioritize units in active combat. Complete issuing hats by February 5th, 1940.
    2. When issuing the fur ushanka hats, reclaim the old felt hats, collect them at the army warehouse, disinfect them and perform repairs.
  2. Commanders and commissars of army and independent units must issue fur ushanka hats to their personnel within 24 hours of receipt, reclaim the old felt hats, and deliver them to the supply warehouse or central supply warehouse in Kem, depending on location.
    Warn the troops that they must preserve their ushanka hat and not lose it.
    When the steel helmet is worn, the ushanka hat should be stored in the backpack.
Commander of the 9th Army, Komkor Chuykov
Member of the Military Council, Army Commissar 1st Class, Mekhlis
Chief of Staff, Komdiv Nikoshov"