Thursday 6 February 2020

Ersatz AP

"To the commander of the 89th Artillery Regiment

To commanders of artillery of rifle regiments

Combat at the Bryansk Front showed that 76 mm shrapnel rounds set to impact fuse successfully penetrate enemy small and medium tanks. Based on this, the Deputy Commander of the South Western Front, Lieutenant General Parsegov and Deputy Commander of the 40th Army, Major General Varentsov, order that:

In future combat with enemy small and medium tanks fire shrapnel rounds with the fuse set to impact. Report on the results to me immediately.

Deliver this order to all personnel of the regiment and its units.

Chief of Artillery, Colonel Gritsenko
62nd Rifle Division Chief of Artillery Staff, Major Usik"


  1. Old board game called Panzer. MkIII and IV, Stugs too from memory, all had GP Defence of 3. 75mm and above guns, all had GP attack of 4. Made T34s' so OP had to have house rule AP only v armour. Shame as was always Sov.

    Sadly pre internet, couldn't find confirmation lobbing 75mm HE actual viable tactic, so had to accept house rule. Twenty odd years later, clearly it was. Splendid. If have any more info on this subject would love to know.

    1. Sure, I have some tests here:

      as well as another decree with some more details: