Wednesday 5 February 2020

KV-3 Delays

"June 2nd, 1941
To the People's Commissar of Heavy Machinebuilding comrade Yefremov
To the Chairman of the Committee of Defense, Marshal of the Soviet Union comrade Voroshilov
To the Chief of the Main Auto-Armour Directorate of the Red Army, General Fedorenko

In accordance with government decrees #525-234s issued on May 13th, 1941, 548-232s on March 15th, 1941, 827-347s on April 7th, 1941, and 1217-503s on May 5th, 1941, the Kirov factory was required to:
  1. Present a prototype of the KV-3 tank for trials on by May 25th.
  2. Produce KV tanks with applique armour by June 1st.
  3. Begin production of the KV tank with a flamethrower in July.
In order to achieve this, the Kirov factory must receive:
  1. The hull and turret of the experimental KV-3 tank from the Izhora factory by May 20th.
  2. A set of experimental KV-1 and KV-2 turrets with applique armour from the same by May 1st.
  3. A ZIS-6 system from factory #92 by May 25th.
  4. Blueprints of a flamethrower mount from factory #174 by June 1st.
None of the aforementioned components and blueprints of the flamethrower mount have been received at the Kirov factory. The deadlines for delivery of a flamethrower for the KV-3 vehicle are not known.

I ask you to instruct the necessary People's Commissariats to expedite the delivery of the aforementioned components to the Kirov factory, as the deadlines set by the government are passed and any delay creates a threat to the mass production of the KV-3 tank starting with August of 1941.

Factory director Zaltsman."

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