Friday 12 February 2021

Landlocked T-40

 "Meeting minutes

August 20th, 1941

  • Factory #37 director Levitanskiy
  • Chief of KB-1 Astrov
  • Chief of the 1st Department of the GABTU BTU, Military Engineer 1st Class Pavlov
  • Chief of the 1st Section, 1st Department of the GABTU BTU, Military Engineer 2nd Class Chizhikov
  • Senior Military Representative at factory #37, Military Engineer 2nd Class Kostsov
On the change to the T-40's starter mechanism necessitated by the delivery of 25 non-amphibious T-40 hulls without an opening for an external starter that 030 (T-60) tanks normally have from the Podolsk Ordzhonikidze factory.

Permit installation of internal pedal starters on 25 non-amphibious T-40 tanks of the same type as on the amphibious T-40, with the exception of a lack of propeller and its drive as well as installation of a special cover and armoured plugs in the openings of the rear bay.


Note that the index T-40S was not used here. This index was a post-war invention and was never used to refer to T-40 tanks incapable of swimming.

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