Wednesday 2 December 2020

Final Exam

"Questions that must be studied during evening training by privates and sergeants of the 8th Independent Guards Belaya Tserkov Order of Lenin Artillery Tank Destroyer Brigade of the Reserve of Supreme Command 
  1. Combat qualities of your weapon.
  2. Ballistic properties of your weapon.
  3. Ammunition issued per each of our weapons.
  4. Penetration of our weapons with AP and APCR ammunition.
  5. Armour thickness of the T-6 (Tiger) tank.
  6. To penetrate a Tiger, where is it best to shoot, the front or the sides?
  7. On average, how many shots does it take to set a tank on fire?
  8. How to fire at a tank moving across rough terrain.
  9. Bore sighting your gun.
  10. What is the effect of backlash and an uncalibrated deflector?
  11. What is rifling in the barrel for?
  12. Why you are not allowed to fire when one trail is in contact with the ground and the other one is not.
  13. Why shooting won't be precise if the gun is horizontally uneven.
  14. Number and description of mechanisms that make up 76 mm and 57 mm guns.
  15. Causes of misfires.
  16. What to do if you pulled the trigger but no shot was fired.
  17. How to extract the casing manually if it was not extracted automatically after a shot.
  18. How to unload the gun if you pulled the trigger three times and the gun still won't fire and the casing doesn't extract.
  19. Description of parts that make up the sight.
  20. Description of parts that make up the panoramic sight.
  21. Acceptable backlash in the angle measurement drum.
  22. Why you can't fire AP using the HE shell scale.
  23. What is the maximum rate of fire per minute with a good gunner.
  24. Why the ZIS-3 gun cannot fire canister shot.
  25. Why the protective cap should not be removed until the command "fire" is given.
  26. Why you should not fire rusted rounds.
  27. A shot was fired, the gun did not return to battery. What do you do?
  28. Why emplacements are dug for artillery.
  29. You just dug a full trench for your gun. What is the best way to check if the gun has full 360 degree range?
  30. Why ranging rods are installed at different distances from your gun.
  31. How to mislead the enemy about the true location of your gun.
  32. How to fire at tanks at night.
  33. How to maintain your gun so it is always ready for battle.
  34. What to do before setting out to march and before firing.
  35. You have no gun grease. What kind of replacements can you use?
  36. The gun commander was disabled. Who will take his position?
  37. How many days does it take to train a gunner?
  38. Can the gun still move if one wheel is broken, and if so, how?
  39. Can the gun still fire if one wheel is broken, and if so, how?
  40. Why getting mud or especially sand into the barrel is dangerous.
  41. Who invented the first cannon in Russia?
  42. How many heroes in the brigade do you know?
  43. Who do you know among the excellent gunners and gun commanders in the brigade?
  44. Which gun commander and gunner destroyed the most enemy tanks?
  45. Who in the brigade was awarded the Order of Glory 3rd class?
  46. What is the bounty for a burned enemy tank?
When you have studied all of these questions and can fearlessly apply that knowledge in battle then you will be excellent tank destroyers! Excellent tank destroyers are a treasure of the brigade. Study your art well and be ruthless in battle.

Knowledge of these questions will be tested.

 Commander of the 8th Independent Guards Artillery Tank Destroyer Brigade, Guards Colonel Chebola."


  1. Replies
    1. They weren't attached, sadly. Presumably every commander had to know these by heart too!

  2. 41. Who invented the first cannon in Russia?

    What, is having the answers to Jeopardy Questions useful during the heat of battle? :P

    1. I know back during Imperial times the Russian Artillery was something of an élite branch with commensurately inflated self-esteem (not unlike many air forces developed later on), and I'd be quite surprised if much of that attitude hadn't carried over the regime change.

      Rather sounds like that's slipping through in places here...

    2. I don't know about regular arty, but anti-tank artillery was definitely a prestigious branch with their own unique sleeve patch.