Wednesday 30 December 2020

Weakest Link

 "April 5th, 1941

RE: supplies of V-2-34 diesel engines with a main clutch

To the Deputy People's Commissar of Medium Machinebuilding, comrade Goreglyad
8a Ryazanskaya St.

In response to your letter #16/2291 on March 18th, 1941

The GABTU considers it necessary to deliver the V-2-34 engine together with the main clutch for the following reasons:

The warranty period of the main clutch is seldom higher than the lifespan of the engine: the engine's guaranteed lifespan is 150 hours, the tank travels 2000-2250 km in this time. The existing main clutch needs replacing after this time.

The existing design of the main clutch on factory #183 T-34 tanks requires the following changes to be compatible with diesel engines received from factory #75:

Punch out casing 301-80-2 from the crankcase lip and punch in casing 34-07-033 designed at factory #183 (to prevent the leaking of oil from the crankcase), punch in plug 34-07-057 in the lip of the driveshaft and two bearings 206 OST 6121, affix them with nut 34-07-049.

This work can be performed at a repair base or by qualified workers at factories #183 and #75.
In addition, the following components are needed when the main clutch is installed:
  1. 34-07-050: locking washer
  2. 34-07-018: plug
  3. 15k-34-07-sb1: bracing cone with a locking pin
  4. 11k-34-07-sb1: tightening bolt of the drum hub
  5. 5k-34-L7-sb1: separator with ball bearings
  6. 4k-34-09-sb1: gear coupling
  7. 01258: lubricant piping for the main clutch
  8. 01325: oil reservoir and carrier
  9. 34-07-044: bracing cone nut
Therefore, each main clutch sent to reserves needs 15-16 rather large parts shipped with it."

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