Friday 3 June 2022

Za Rodinu!

With the benefit of hindsight, it's easy to tell what intelligence is valid and what is not. However, in the moment, even mostly correct information takes on a very strange form.

This is one such example. 

"New Tank Types

1. Russian Tanks

Further development of the T 60 tank. Produced in Gorky, Kirov, and Stalingrad. Production should also be underway in the Urals.
  • Weight: 9.2 tons (T 60 = 8 tons)
  • Armament: 45 mm tank gun (T 60 = 20 mm)
  • Armour: turret 35 mm, front 42 mm, side 15 mm (T 60 = 14-18 mm)
  • Motor: 2 GAZ-11 gasoline motors (73 hp)
A new, improved type:

should already be in production. The front armour is strengthened to 80 mm and side armour to 40 mm. Instead of the sensitive gasoline engine, a diesel engine should be used.

According to reports, the new superheavy tank

c) "Za Rodinu" (for the Fatherland)
  • Weight: allegedly 150 tons
  • 2 turrets
  • Armament: 1 152 mm tank gun, 1 75 mm tank gun
has not yet appeared before Army Group Center."

The data on the T-70 is largely correct, however the data on the T-70B is completely off the mark. The most surprising thing is the new superheavy tank, which is nothing like anything actually built in the USSR. There was even a drawing of this fantastical tank, allegedly seen by the 18th Army from Army Group North in the summer of 1943.

It turns out that even this strange tank had a kernel of truth. There was indeed a tank called "Za Rodinu", and a heavier one than the Germans were used to. This was the name under which one of the T-220 prototypes went into battle in 1941. Of course, it weighed far less than 150 tons and had a single 76 mm gun as opposed to this curious assortment, but this information didn't come from nowhere.

Via Yuri Pasholok and iam-krasnoyarsk.

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