Wednesday 20 October 2021

IS-4 Acceptance

 "Order of the Minister of Transport Machinebuilding of the USSR #122ss
May 4th, 1946

Council of Ministers decree #961-403ss issued on April 29th, 1946, approved the proposal of the Minister of Transport Machinebuilding comrade Malyshev and Deputy Commander of Armoured and Mechanized Forces of the Red Army comrade Korobkov to accept the IS-4 heavy tank designed at the Kirov factory in Chelyabinsk built according to the tactical-technical characteristics listed in attachment #1 into service. The same decree mandates the Minister of Transport Machinebuilding comrade Malyshev and Director of the Kirov factory comrade Zaltsman to begin preparations for IS-4 heavy tank production to begin production in 1946.

In execution of Council of Ministers decree on putting new IS-4 heavy tanks into production at the Kirov factory in Chelyabinsk, I order that:

  1. Director of Kirov factory comrade Zaltsman and Chief Engineer comrade Makhonin must:
    1. Finish finalizing and correcting blueprints by June 1st of this year.
    2. Plan out the technical processes for prototype production by July 1st, for pilot production by August 1st, for mass production by September 1st, 1946.
    3. Produce tooling in metal: for prototype production by July 15th, for pilot production by September 1st, for mass production by October 1st, 1946.
      The factory director and all engineering staff must take into account that the factory is tasked with setting up IS-4 production in such a way that high quality and flawless reliability during long service is achieved thanks to modern progressive processes for production of parts. In parallel with production technologies, work through quality control procedures, equipment, and tools.
    4. Begin preparations for production of new heavy tanks and deliver 163 tanks in 1946 according to the following schedule:
      1. July: 3 tanks
      2. August: 5 tanks
      3. September: 10 tanks
      4. October: 25 tanks
      5. November: 50 tanks
      6. December: 75 tanks
    5. Create conditions to produce 6 IS-4 tanks at the Kirov factory per day with two 8 hours shifts, plus 2.5 million rubles of spare parts per month, including 30 company sets of spare parts, by April 1st, 1947.
    6. Distribute tank production among the workshops including placement of equipment by July 1st.
    7. Present requests for purchases to the Head of Tank Production by June 1st, 1946.
    8. Deliver blueprints for hulls and turrets to factory #200 by May 15th, 1946.
    9. Keeping the existing procedures to deliver IS-3 hulls and turrets, comrade Zaltsman must aid factory #200 in producing tools and devices for IS-4 hull and turret production. Comrade Zaltsman and comrade Sherbakov must present the Ministry with details on the volume of aid by June 1st.
    10. Deliver the schedule for preparations for production up to June 20th by May 20th to the Ministry via the Head of Tank Production.
    11. Starting with June, produce 223 V-12 diesel engines in the following amounts:
      1. June: 3
      2. July: 5
      3. August: 10
      4. September: 25
      5. October: 50
      6. November: 60
      7. December: 70"

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