Wednesday 26 January 2022

Gas Siphon

 "Award Order

  1. Name: Polyakov, Anatoliy Arkadyevich
  2. Rank: Guards Red Armyman
  3. Position and unit: mechanic-fitter of the technical support company, 18th Minsk Order of the Red Banner Guards Tank Brigade
    is nominated for the "For Courage" medal.
  1. Year of birth: 1920
  2. Nationality: Russian
  3. In the Red Army since: 1940
  4. Party affiliation: none
  5. In combat since: August 7th, 1942
  6. Wounds and contusions: none
  7. Prior awards: Defense of Stalingrad medal
  8. Recruited by: Vladimir recruitment office, Ivanovo oblast
Brief and specific description of combat heroism or accomplishments: A T-34 tank was knocked out in battle on October 13th, 1944. In order to repair it, several road wheels had to be transported from the brigade's repair base.

When the order was given, the repair truck had no gasoline, which delayed delivery of spare parts. Comrade Polyakov suggested siphoning gasoline from a Panther tank knocked out in no man's land. He carried out this mission within 20 minutes, which made delivery of parts and repair of the T-34 tank possible.

For his resourcefulness and fearless action, he is worthy of the "For Courage" medal.

Commander of the technical support company of the 18th Minsk Order of the Red Banner Guards Tank Brigade, Guards Captain Denisov"

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