Friday 13 August 2021

85 mm Gun for the KV-1

 "Order for  the People's Commissariat of Tank Production of the USSR
November 11th, 1941

In order to widely use artillery systems that are being mass produced at the factories of the People's Commissariat of Tank Production, design and install the M-30 system and the 85 mm AA gun into the KV tank. To do this:

  1. Director of the Izhora factory, comrade Muzrukov, must:
    1. Provide detailed blueprints for mounting the M-30 gun in the KV tank no later than November 15th and produce a prototype, install it in a turret, and send it to the Kirov factory for trials no later than December 15th.
    2. Develop a draft project for installing the 85 mm AA gun in a KV tank and send to me for approval by November 20th.
    3. When developing detailed blueprints for the M-30 and draft blueprints for the 85 mm gun use components that are already being produced by the Izhora factory wherever possible.
  2. Chief Engineer comrade Ryzhkov and Chief of the 5th Department comrade Bulyshev at the Izhora factory are responsible for the completion of this work.
  3. Chief of the Ammunition Department comrade Levshin must resolve the issue of armour piercing ammunition for the M-30 and 85 mm gun by November 20th of this year.
  4. Chief of the Ammunition Department comrade Levshin is responsible for ensuring the completion of this order.
Deputy People's Commissar of Tank Production, Kotin"

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