Wednesday 28 April 2021

KV-13 Trials

 "To the Chief of the 6th Department of the GABTU BTU, Engineer-Colonel comrade Kovalev

RE: the condition of the KV-13 as of October 19th, 1942

I report the following on the condition of the KV-13 as of October 19th, 1942:

  1. The tank set out on its sixth trip on October 18thm 1942, during which it drove for 120 km. The following defects were discovered:
    1. The 2nd gear is difficult to engage
    2. The main clutch slips
    3. The track slipped off, damaging the drive sprocket rim
    4. The front road wheel assembly (axle, swing arm, torsion bar tube) was lost
    5. The batteries were not charged
    6. The steam valve of the radiator expansion tank releases water heated to 110-115 degrees instead of steam
    7. Not a single gear could be engaged at the end of the run due to the main clutch adjustment slipping. The vehicle had to be towed to the workshop.
  2. When the clutch was disassembled, it turned out that the driving clutch plates were badly deformed. The driven plates had deep scuffs on their working surfaces.
    The loss of the road wheel was caused by a bad attachment of the swing arm to the hull. This is a design defect.
  3. The vehicle was disassembled for repairs.
The expected date for returning to trials is October 20th, 1942.

GABTU Military Representative, Engineer-Major Fedoseyev."

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