Wednesday 15 February 2023

Anti-Tank Dogs at Stalingrad

 "10th NKVD Internal Troops Rifle Division
October 1st, 1942

To the commander of the 62nd Army, Lieutenant General comrade Chuikov

The 28th Independent Dog Tank Destroyer Group was composed of 202 men and 202 dogs. It was operationally subordinate to the 10th Rifle Division as of August 24th, 1942 and took a direct part in combat actions in defenses of Stalingrad alongside the division's forces.

The personnel of the group proved themselves to be well prepared to carry out large tasks during the fighting. The group destroyed and damaged 30 enemy tanks and destroyed over a company of enemy submachine gunners at various sections of the front.

The independent group showed exceptional courage and bravery. On September 13th, 1942, 20 men led by Sr. Sergeant F.E. Kryukov fought against a numerically superior opponent (infantry and tanks) while under constant bombing from enemy aircraft. In this battle, 13 tanks and a large group of cars were destroyed. Sr. Sergeant Kryukov's group died in battle, but completed their objective.

This case and a series of other examples demonstrate the consciousness and understanding of their duty to the Motherland among the personnel of the 28th Independent Dog Tank Destroyer Squad.

Due to the above, I ask you to issue a letter of gratitude to the group's personnel and commanders.


Via Yuri Pasholok

Sr. Sergeant Kryukov was posthumously awarded the Order of the Red Banner.

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