Friday 19 April 2013

What's in a Name?

As if there weren't already enough names for the King Tiger, Tiger II, Tiger B, PzVIB, Major General Deane decides to add a brand new one. Conveniently, this document is in English, so I don't even have to translate it.

Through what was most likely a translation error, the Tiger Imperial is born.


  1. Transalation gives Imperial? I wonder what was the word in german - Reich? :D Reich Tiger lol.

  2. Königstiger. I've seen it translated most commonly into English as King Tiger (which is the literal translation at least), but I've also heard Royal Tiger used by both the Americans and British. The most correct translation from what I recall is actually "Bengal Tiger", but very few people actually refer to it as such.

    In Russian I think it's most commonly referred to as Королевский Тигр, which translates out to Royal Tiger.