Wednesday 12 June 2013

KV-1 and T-34 in England

A while ago, I wrote only on the impressions that the British had of the T-34 and KV-1 tanks they tested. Here is the full report, from the shipment to the trials.

CAMD RF 38-11355-1744

"In addition to the previously sent information, I report that tanks "T-34" and "KV" were loaded on June 13th, 1943, in the Bakaritsa port, on the steam transport "Empire Portia". At the same time, I report that there are differences in equipment, as follows:
  • The KV tank is lacking one magazine for the DT machine gun
  • The T-34 tank is lacking 18 magazines for the DT machine gun
  • The T-34 has the following extra components, not recorded in the proving ground documents:
    • crate of parts (no number)
    • konstalin (1 jar)
    • grease (2 jars)
    • tracks (140 links)
On both vehicles, the canvas sheets are very old, the one on the KV is torn in several places.
The discrepancies in equipment are noted in the attachment."

The several pages of attachment are, thankfully, also translated to English. How thoughtful!

The KV-1 sent to England is currently in the Bovington museum, with turret number 716 (belonging to another KV, serial number S-055). 

KV-1 tank on trials in England

The T-34 that underwent trials is not in the museum, but the preliminary study of the tank is available for purchase here

Curiously enough, they call it a cruiser tank. While it could conceivably be used in a cruiser role (that the British invented, and then gave up on), it was built for an entirely different purpose. 


  1. IDK, I was under the impression that in terms of practical combat use cruiser, cavalry and medium tanks were even doctrinally more or less the exact same thing whatever the differences in the grand operational concepts might be... certainly the Brits seemed perfectly happy just dropping the Sherman into the cruiser role.

  2. British report at KV tank!/