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GABTU Suggestions

With all the ball tanks, land cruisers, corrugated armour, jetpack skis, tank catapults, electric armour, and endless other absurdities that GABTU received on a constant basis throughout the war, one would think that the people of the USSR couldn't come up with a single good idea. However, there were a number of ideas that GABTU received which were deemed viable. Here is a list of them for 1939 (CAMD RF 38-11355-2177):

"Author: Artsybushev
Proposal: individual torsion bar suspension for tracked vehicle
Note: NATI built a prototype on a Pioner tractor. It is imperative that this suspension be developed for combat vehicles.

Author: Belogurov
Proposal: Mine flail for BT tank
Note: prototype constructed and tested

Author: Belogurov
Proposal: anti-tank mine scout

Author: Bugrov
Proposal: automobile engine with automatic variable compression
Note: Work was done at VBA RKKA, then at ZiS

Author: Blyaherov
Proposal: ammo rack restructuring on BT-5
Note: ABTU's 7th department

Author: Vorobeichik
Proposal: field thermoelectic generator
Note: ABTU's 3rd department. Project is being developed. No orders have been placed.

Author: Vorobyev
Proposal: Attachment for the T-38 to climb vertical obstacles
Note: work was being done by the NIABT proving grounds, but was not completed. It is imperative that the work is completed, and, in the event of good results, used on other types of vehicles.

Author: Evstyugov
Proposal: Warming oil pump
Note: ABTU's 3rd department

Authors: Korotkov, Agafonov, Drozdovich
Proposal: Restructing BT-7's electronics
Note: ABTU's 4th department

Author: Kozhevnikov
Proposal: hydraulic transmission for the T-28
Note: ABTU's 8th department

Author: Kreines and Zaichik
Proposal: Planetary turning mechanism for tracked vehicles
Note: Mechanism was built and tests on the T-38. It is necessary to seriously commit to this project and built it for a heavy or medium tank.

Author: Karpov
Proposal: Gasoline injection engine
Note: include in the plan for investigation work at VAMM RKKA

Author: Kulikov
Proposal: Progressive torsion bar suspension for tanks
Note: Currently being built at ABTU repair base #1

Author: Razumov
Proposal: visibility lights
Note: 8th department

Authors: Serkov N.G, Serkov V.N.
Proposal: Automatic gearbox
Note: a prototype is being developed at NATI

Author: Muhin
Proposal: DT machine gun mount
Note: 4th department

Author: Orlyuk
Proposal: A device for installing and removing suspension springs
Note: 4th department. Currently being built at the 6th repair base of the ABT BVO

Author: Tyurin
Proposal: Changes in the tank crew PHZ bag

Authors: Titov and Kantselson
Proposal: Folding bicycle

Authors: Shor and Tsukernik
Proposal: Stabilizer for T-28 cannon
Note: Device produced at factory #205. The rest of the work is being held up by ABTU. The work must be restarted, and closely watched."

Here is another, for 1940 and 1941 (CAMD RF 38-11355-23):

"Document on proposed inventions, submitted to the inventions department of GABTU BTU of the Red Army.

I. Proposals approved for development (of those submitted in 1940):
Red Army BTU:
  1. Vasiliyev - Mechanical servo in the side friction clutch mechanisms of tracked vehicles. Currently developed at factory #183 and included in production T-34s.
  2. Chernyavskiy - Improved construction of water tanks on Ov and Op locomotives. The proposal was developed at the Voronezh locomotive factory. It is accepted, and ready for mass production.
  3. Ilchenko - Method for producing armoured mirrors. GOI is producing an experimental prototype.
  4. Lozovoy, Chernyalk, Tarshinov - Device for heating battle vehicles. Currently being developed at factory #183.
  5. Pushkin and Laptev - Protection of vehicles from flammable fluid attacks. Proposal was sent for verification to factory #174. We have no reports on their progress.
  6. Stekolshikov - drum type diesel motor. Development is postponed.
  7. Chuyan - Total engine revolution counter. Prototype is developed, undergoing testing at factory #75.
  8. Semenov - Device for automatic slack adjustment during turret rotation. Experimental prototype is being developed at GABTU's NIP.
  9. Volochkov - Pyrostarter. STZ is designing the project.
  10. Polyakov - Telemechanical selector when using a radio line. Development is postponed until we can order a radio line from NII-20.
  11. Syromyatnikov, Kiselev, et al - Device for night-time driving of a tank. Experimental prototypes were produced, and trialled. 
  12. Karpinskiy and Serdyukov - Tank-minesweeper. Kirov factory is producing a prototype.
  13. Kalashnikov - Device for recording engine performance. An experimental prototype has been manufactured and installed in a vehicle, undergoing testing at factory #174.
  14. Inozemtsev, Korobochkin, et al - Device for night-time observation. Experimental prototypes were produced and trialled. 
  15. Ziber and Suslov - VKU [no idea what that decodes as] construction. Experimental prototypes passed trials.
  16. Bushman - Tank ammeter-switch. The proposed device is installed during repairs of electrical devices at repair bases.
  17. Artemyev - Device for stabilizing the BT-7 during motion. Device is being tested on proving grounds.
  18. Vinogradov - BA-20 gas meter. The device was produced at the Izhor factory, and included in a batch of armoured cars.
Red Army ATU
  1. Skribpov - Method of loading motorcycles into a railroad car and a method of attaching them. The proposal was accepted, and is currently being applied by the Izhor factory.
  2. Spiridonov - Use of peat for gas generator machines. The proposal was verified experimentally and developed.
  3. Lenskiy - Device for transporting loads. A batch of these devices was produced.
  4. Panasyuk - Method for repairing car tire tubes in the field. Tested at the GABTU NIP. Subsequent summer-time trials are planned.
  1. Kompaniets - Device for drilling through armour. A batch is being produced at repair base #7.
  2. Bogushev - Regeneration and return of platinum from the tank heater catalyst. An instruction manual on how to do this was distributed through the armed forces. 
  3. Yurov - Collapsible tent for field repairs. Included in the tactical requirements for production of mobile repair workshops.
  4. Usanov - Gasoline supply cart. Prototype manufactured.
  5. Pastuhov - Portable gas-electric welding workshop. A trial batch has been manufactured and distributed in the armed forces.
  1. Polyakov - Automatic loader/firing mechanism (instructional device). A batch of these devices has been manufactured.
II. Proposals approved for development (of those submitted in 1941)

Red Army BTU
  1. Konorev - Grenade launcher for tanks. Trials were performed at the proving grounds. A new and improved grenade launcher is being built for further trials.
  2. Bogushev and Segala - New tank heater design. A trial batch is being produced at the "Press" factory.
  3. Savin and Zhuravlev - Tank turret design. Currently being worked on by factory #174.
  4. Temkin, Petrov, et al - Two new types of catalysts for tank heaters. Trials of a new (non-platinum) catalyst are currently in progress at the GABTU NIP.
  5. Kikinzon - Alteration of the tank compass. Currently being tested at the GABTU NIP.
  6. Kucherenko - Altered shell catcher design. Factory #183 has been ordered to produce and test a sample.
  7. Tsehanovskiy - Improved stabilized sight controls. Experimental prototype has been produced at the Stalin VAMM.
  8. Nastenko - Pneumatic diesel motor regulator. Prototype produced, undergoing testing at the GABTU NIP.
  9. Fillipov - Film filter in the engine air intake. NIP trials are planned.
  10. Solofilov - Optical slit for observation through armour. Development has not yet started.
  11. Aristov and Elagin - Flamethrower. Device has been mass produced.
Red Army ATU
  1. Pomogaibo, Maksarev, et al - Use of gasoil for gasoline engines. Passed trials at the GABTU proving grounds. Being tested at factory #183.
  1. Lifshitz - Battery reservoir repairs. Proposed method being explored at the Stalin VAMM."

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