Tuesday 23 December 2014

Artillery Targets

The accuracy of tank guns has been a widely discussed topic of this blog, but the targets of these tests remain behind the scenes. Here is how they were set up.

A Soviet long distance 4 meter by 4 meter target, made of many wooden planks. 

An American target, made from cloth and a wooden frame. It is much lighter than the Soviet one, as it is meant to move around for training exercises.

And now, a more modern one. Livejournal user deletant discovered it on an abandoned proving grounds in Russia.

This device moves back and forth over a rail of BMP tracks using an electric motor, and was likely used to carry a target back and forth. Click the link above to see many more photos of the proving grounds, including abandoned ISU-152s used as stationary targets.

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  1. Soviet artillery compared to large number of weapons was actually very ineffective and acted poor. Even front line soldiers were wondering it time after time.