Wednesday 14 December 2016

Car Trouble

"November 2nd, 1942
To the Commander of the 5th Tank Army

I report on the rather difficult situation with communication vehicles in command units of the 1st Tank Corps.

The Corps is authorized the following amount of Bantam cars:
  • Corps HQ: 7
  • Motorized Rifle Brigade: 4
  • Tank Brigades: 1 each
  • Total: 14
Not a single brigade has received a Bantam car. The Corps HQ has only one Bantam car left out of 7. 
Two cars were destroyed by enemy fire during combat in July-August of this year. One car was taken without authorization by the 1st Guards Tank Brigade when it was transferred out of the Corps in September. Three cars in possession of the Corps HQ need repairs, but repairs cannot be performed due to a lack of spare parts.

The remaining car traveled over 15,000 km and also needs repairs.

I ask you to issue the 1st Tank Corps the missing amount of mobile communication vehicles: 14 Bantam cars.

Commander of the 1st Tank Corps, Major General of the Tank Forces, Butkov
Chief of Staff of the 1st Tank Corps, Guards Colonel Chukhin."

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