Tuesday 7 March 2017

PzI Trials


After concluding trials of tank #1, it's possible to make the following conclusions:
  1. The tank has the following mobility characteristics:
    1. Maximum speed on a paved highway in packed snow: 39.96 kph
    2. Average speed:
      1. On paved highway in packed snow: 25 kph
      2. On dirt road covered in loose snow, 200-300 mm deep: 9-10 kph
      3. Off road with snow 300-450 mm deep: 6-7 kph
    3. The dirt road and off-road performance of the tank in 200-450 mm of snow is satisfactory.
  2. The tank remains stable during crossing of various obstacles (trenches, trees, grades, slopes).
  3. The front, side, rear, and turret armour is 13 mm thick.
  4. 9 observation hatches in the tank (not including the optical sight and two hatches in the machinegun mantlet) provide good visibility.
  5. The tank's suspension is elastic and functions satisfactorily during crossing of various obstacles.
  6. It is convenient for the crew to enter and exit the tank.
  7. Controlling the tank is easy and it does not take great strength to operate the levers or pedals.
  8. During trials, the engine worked flawlessly and was easy to start.
Drawbacks of the tank include:
  1. It's difficult to access the engine for service.
  2. The brake drums heat up from friction. The electric cooling fans installed to cool the brake drums are insufficient during long marches.
  3. The design of the idler and track does not prevent the track from slipping off.
  4. The idlers included in the rear bogey can move vertically in relation to the suspension axis, which results in the track slipping.
  5. The track tension adjuster is weak and does not offer enough travel.
  6. The front road wheel with an independent suspension cannot prevent the spring carrier attachment from breaking after an impact.
Weaknesses of the tank
  1. The door-like hatches do not prevent flammable liquids from entering the tank.
  2. Fragments of shells or hand grenades that enter through the two rear exhaust openings will destroy the gasoline or oil tank.
  3. The tracks can easily be severed by a bundle of grenades or by being hit by a shell fragment.
New Designs Trial Department Chief, Military Engineer 3rd Class, Shmelev"

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