Wednesday 3 May 2017

Improved Gearbox

"To comrade V.M. Molotov

On the timeline of producing improved T-34 components at the Kirov factory

In connection with the increased production of T-34 tanks and start of their production at the Kirov factory, it is necessary to make decisions regarding starting production with improved components (5-speed gearbox, improved idler, turret with a commander's cupola) before the deadline given by GOKO decree #1879ss (June 5th, 1942).

The most complicated of these components, the gearbox, went through 1700 km trials in June flawlessly in addition to 2000 km of trials last year.

Because of this, we ask you to permit the start of preparations for producing T-34s with the improved gearbox, idler, and turret with commander's cupola at the Kirov factory before the trials are complete in accordance with blueprints and prototypes that are being produced and tried at factory #183.

Any improvements to those components made necessary as a result of trials will be immediately implemented.

We ask you to approve the attached GOKO decree

P. Zernov

RGASPI 644-2-79

Putting these components into production was important enough that the draft decree was signed by Stalin himself, and not Molotov.

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