Monday 23 April 2018

Tiger Air Filters

"F.V.D.D. Cover Sheet to Test Bay Report No.4248
Performance Tests on Two-Stage Air Cleaner - German Tank Pz.Kw.6 (Tiger)


The performance of a two-stage air cleaner removed from a captured German vehicle was ascertained in the course of a general investigation of enemy air cleaners.


It is of considerable interest to note that contrary to the general practice of British and allied air cleaner manufacturers, the scrubber element of this unit is made up of expanded metal instead of the more usual knitted wire.

The de-dusting efficiency of this cleaner, both at varying and partial air flows, falls considerably below the requirements of this Department.

The dust capacity of the cleaners also falls considerably below minimum requirements and as a consequence a rapid rise of restrictions is encountered after running the cleaners for about 4 hours at varying air flow. It is considered that these properties are due to the fact that the height of the cleaner is severely limited as it is mounted between the engine and the adjoining top cover plate. It is understood from German documents that considerable trouble has been experienced in maintaining an air tight joint between the air outlet from the cleaner and the engine, to which the cleaner is secured by means of a single bolt.

It is understood flux ash dust obtained from the Clingenberg [sic] power station (South East of Berlin) was used for the development of this and similar German A.F.V. air cleaners and this may in part be responsible for the low efficiency when tested on D.T.D. test dust.


The cleaner developed in Germany for use on the Tiger tanks does not achieve the standard required for British A.F. Vehicles.

Further action:
  1. The results of tests carried out will be made available to all concerned with the design, production, and maintenance of A.F.V. air cleaners.
  2. This project may be closed.
W.J. Semmons
Assistant Director (Power Plants)
A.E. Masters
Chief Engineer"

Chobham Lane, Chertsey
D.6 7(o)


  1. Wait, The FVDD? (The Fighting Vehicle Design Department) That was not formed until 1946.

    As quoted in the history of the DSTL:
    "1946: ... The Fighting Vehicle Design Department (FVDD) is formed at Chertsey out of The Department of Tank Design, MoS, alongside FVPE and WVEE."

    I think we are talking about The Fighting Vechicle Proving Establishment (FVPE)

    "1942: The Fighting Vehicle Proving Establishment (FVPE) is established at Chertsey. The Wheeled Vehicles Experimental Establishment (WVEE) is formed initially at Farnborough, before moving to Cherstey in 1943. It is formed out of the Department of Tank Design, MoS."

    This makes a lot more scense since also the DTD is mentioned in this article.

    (A small note, I always like to search for Acronyms and stumbled upon it, and after reading around 20 minutes I kind of understand why there is a flaw here, the Brits changed their names/organisations more often then you change your underwear in a year.)

    My source:

    1. It definitely says FVDD. Maybe the name was in unofficial use already?