Tuesday 22 May 2018

Mix and Match

"Order of the People's Commissariat of Medium Machinebuilding #301ss
July 6th, 1941

On the order of introducing design and technological changes to tanks and artillery tractors

Further developing paragraph 4 of order #253ss issued on June 26th, 1941, I order that:
  1. The leading factories, which develop all blueprints and design documentation, are as follows:
    1. KV-1 tank: Kirov factory
    2. T-34 tank: factory #183
    3. T-50 tank: factory #174
    4. V-2 engines: factory #75
  2. ChTZ, STZ, Krasnoye Sormovo, Uralturbomash, factory #37, HTZ, and all subcontractors that produce tanks, assemblies, components, and engines must produce their goods according to the blueprints of the lead factory.
  3. Changes to the technical documentation to meet orders of the SNK and Central Committee of the VKP(b) can only be done by the main factory, after approval by the customer.
  4. ChTZ, STZ, Krasnoye Sormovo, Uralturbomash, factory #37, HTZ are permitted to make design changes to components and assembly only with the permission of the lead factory's director and chief designer.
  5. Changes that impact the approved tactical-technical characteristics of tanks, engines, and artillery tractors can only be made with the permission of the People's Commissar.
  6. Control over the execution of this order is to be carried out by NKSM lead engineers:
    1. KV-1 tank: A.P. Petrov
    2. T-34 tank: N.I. Masalskaya
    3. T-50 tank: I.V. Yurasov
    4. V-2 engine: I.A. Moskalevskiy
    5. Artillery tractors: comrade Komov
People's Commissar of Medium Machinebuilding, V. Malyshev"

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