Tuesday 18 September 2018


"Order of the People's Commissar of Defense #0953
On using tankers according to their speciality
December 13th, 1942

Still we observe mass use of intermediate and junior commanders and privates of the tank forces, including drivers, gunners, loaders, technicians, etc. as riflemen, machinegunnners, or artillerymen in infantry, other types of forces, and in rear line roles on every Front and Military District.

I order that:
  1. Intermediate and junior commanders, as well as privates, of the tank forces that are not being used according to their training must be taken out of their unit by the Military Council of the Front or District by December 30th, 1942, and sent to:
    1. In Fronts: intermediate commanders and technicians to the ABT personnel department, junior commanders and privates to training tank regiments and reserve battalions of the Front.
    2. In Military Districts: to personnel departments or training tank regiments stationed within the District.
    3. Tankers must only be sent to their own unit or to the personnel department, training regiments, or reserve tank battalions (see #1 and #2) upon recovery in hospitals.
  2. In the future, using tankers of the aforementioned categories and specialities is categorically forbidden for anyone.
Report on progress by January 5th, 1943.

People's Commissar of Defense, I. Stalin"

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