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"Operational summary
On completion of the ABTU's order for January 1941 by Comintern factory #183

Military Representative P.F. Rusakov

Produced this year
Delivered this year
T-34 tank, L-11 gun
Same, with radio
Spare parts for BT tanks
358.5 tons
358.5 tons
Spare parts for T-34 tanks
457.3 tons
457.3 tons
T-34 gearboxes

  1. Out of a total of 166 tanks delivered in January, 135 1940 production vehicles and 31 tanks built in January of 1941 were accepted .
  2. Spare parts are accepted and paid for according to the factory price list, towards the agreement for 1941, and are shipped to military warehouse #304 on the BTU's directions.
  3. In addition to 30 tanks with no radio accepted in 1941, 6 tanks with no radio built in 1940 were accepted (№ 312-55, 0836-3, 811-84, 0836-9, 756-17 and 311-15-3). Their destinations are indicated in 10-day summaries for the first and second thirds of January.
  4. In addition to the 166 accepted tanks, the factory has 90 vehicles in the following stages:
    1. 19 are painted, but still not fully equipped.
    2. 29 have gone through acceptance trials and are being prepared for painting.
    3. 28 have been assembled and are being prepared for trials. A portion of them are undergoing trials.
    4. 14 are on the assembly line in various stages of completion.
  5. Of the 81 total tanks put through acceptance trials, 6 had to be trialled a second time, and 24 were put through extended trials. The main defects causing repeated and extended trials were:
    1. Breakage of the fuel pump regulator and resulting breakage of the V-2 engine. This issue is being investigated at factory #75.
    2. Chipping of the gearbox gears.
    3. Loosening of the final drive clutches. More thorough breaking in on a stand is being implemented. The issue of increasing the gap in the disengagement mechanism is being considered.
    4. Working loose and breakage of the outer roller bearing of the final drive. Workshop "700" is working on a process that would prevent tilting of the final drive casing.
  6. The main issue with the factory's work in January was poor shipment of turrets from workshop "700" as well as delayed and insufficient shipments of track links from the STZ factory.
  7. The factory plans to assemble and deliver 100 tanks in February, as well as make up the shortfall for 100 tanks expected in January.
Military Representative of the GABTU, Captain Rusakov
GABTU Regional Engineer, Military Engineer 2nd Class, Kozyrev"

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