Wednesday 5 August 2020

Christie Proposal

"April 9th, 1930
New York

A discussion between comrades Khalepskiy and Gobar with Mr. Christie
  1. Mr. Christie arrived with his director and stated that on April 8th his board of directors had a meeting and made the official decision: "Christie Corp. is prepared to sell us two sample tanks of his design and provide technical aid for building tanks". At the same time, Christie Corp. established that they are willing to negotiate a commercial agreement and that permission from Washington is not needed.
  2. Our side stated that we understand that written permission is no longer needed based on the  new information. Christie replied positively: we no longer need this.
  3. Based on Mr. Christie's decision to sell us the tank, we asked to give an official offer of commercial agreement, prices, and requirements on April 10th, as well as see the tank.
  4. Christie agreed to our proposal and asked to arrive at his factory on April 10th at noon. This ended the negotiations."

"April 10th, 1930
Amtorg Trading Corporation
To Mr. Khalepskiy

Confirming our discussion today, we propose to you the sale of two convertible drive chassis matching the blueprints you saw with armour and turrets at the cost of $30,000 each.
The delivery will be made in 3-4 months.
The chassis must be tested in the USA, somewhere near the factory. The question of trials may be solved in the future. 

50% of the final price will be paid in advance, the rest will be paid after trials and delivery. Specifications and blueprints will also be delivered, as well as the right to produce the tank for 17 years. The price of the license for production within the USSR is $100,000.
50% will be paid upon delivery of the second chassis, the remaining 50% in two instalments. The timing of the payments will be discussed later. Along with the production license we deliver complete and detailed blueprints as well as promise to deliver blueprints of all improvements over the course o 10 years. We will allow you to familiarize yourselves with our blueprints every 6 months during this time."

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