Friday 9 July 2021

Valentine Impressions

 "To the Chief of the GABTU

Combat and technical characteristics of the British Mk.III tank

In using the Mk.III in combat from November 11th to December 6th, the following positive qualities were observed:

  1. The vehicle is easy to drive. The drivers do not get tired while driving.
  2. The vehicle turns easily.
  3. The vehicle moves silently.
  4. Fuel consumption is low.
  5. All components are easy to use and work flawlessly.
  6. The gun is simple to use, works flawlessly, and fires precisely.
  7. The armour is thick enough to protect from 37 and 45 mm shells.
  8. The observation devices are quite satisfactory and protected from bullets and splash.
  9. The vehicle is easy to start in winter.
Negative qualities:
  1. The engine is weak. The vehicle cannot tow a 1-ton truck and stalls on steep inclines.
  2. Compared to modern vehicles the top speed is low, it needs to be at least 50 kph. The tracks should have a better shape.
  3. The traction is completely unsatisfactory. The tank is nearly uncontrollable on wet terrain and slips on wet inclines.
  4. The cruising range is low. The practical limit is 100 km.
  5. The machine gun jams often at the start of the belt.
  6. The ammunition capacity is low. It is necessary to double the number of shells stores. Carry 40-50 HE bombs instead of smoke bombs.
  7. The engine compartment hatches are a weak point in the armour. There are many penetrations in the hatches.
  8. The thickness of the turret hatch flaps is insufficient. There were cases where the armoured periscope cover was torn off along with its foundation.
  9. The track link pins are too weak and often snap on highways or hard soil.
  10. The suspension makes it hard to tow the tank if the front road wheel is damaged. When short tracked the tank digs itself into the soil and makes it nearly impossible to move it.
  11. It is desirable to have a 45 mm gun adapted to use our shells.
Commander of the 146th Tank Brigade, Lieutenant Colonel [signature]
Military Commissar of the 146th TBr, Battalion Commissar [signature]
Chief of Staff of the 146th TBr, Major Lozin
December 6th, 1941."

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