Wednesday 3 August 2022

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 "On the actions of liberated POWs and repatriated citizens in the 47th Guards Tank Regiment between January 18th and February 8th, 1945.

On January 14th, 1945, after the 9th Guards Tank Corps was introduced into a breach, the 47th Guards Tank Brigade fought at the vanguard of the corps.

In battles for Grójec, Mszczonow, and Sochaczew the brigade took heavy losses in the motorized riflemen submachine gunner battalion.

When Sochaczew (January 18th), Bromberg (January 22nd), and Kutzer (January 28th) were liberated, Russian POWs and repatriated citizens were freed from camps.

A part of the POWs and repatriated citizens expressed a great wish to fight with our brigade to avenge the harm inflicted on them by the German invaders.

The brigade command approved these wishes and allowed a part of them to take part in battle with the brigade.

In Kutzer and Sochaczew 100 man teams were selected to refill the motorized rifle battalion. A tank rider company was also formed under the command of Guards Junior Lieutenant Abdulin.

The former POWs showed courage and bravery through their actions. They acted primarily in reconnaissance roles and obtained a lot of valuable information for brigade command.

A characteristic example of this is the reconnaissance of a crossing across the river Oder near the village of Pekerik on January 31st, 1945. No matter what, we needed to find out what enemy forces were guarding the bridge. Two groups of scouts sent before this returned with heavy losses without completing their objective.

Many former POWs volunteered to take on this mission. A group was selected that stealthily reached the crossing and, thanks to knowing the German language, could obtain the required information that our brigade could then use to successfully complete its mission.

Many former POWs refused to leave the brigade's ranks to go to the hospital when wounded, claiming that they have not yet avenged the suffering they experienced at the hands of the Germans.

In subsequent battles, many of them died the death of heroes or were evacuated to hospitals after being wounded. There was not a single case of shying away from battle, falling behind, or any amoral acts. Each one tenaciously remained at their post.

Chief of Staff of the 47th Guards Tank Regiment, Guards Lieutenant Colonel Panov".

Via Yuri Pasholok

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