Friday 16 September 2022

Pz.Kpfw.IV Weak Spots

Death to German occupants!
Weak spots of the German Pz.Kpfw.IV tank

Brief information:

  1. Armour:
    1. Front: 40-60 mm
    2. Side: 20-40 mm
    3. Turret: 20 mm
  2. Engine: gasoline
  3. Length: 5.9 meters, width: 2.9 meters, height: 2.6 meters
  4. Armament: 75 mm gun and 2 machine guns
Penetration range:
  1. 45 mm gun at a distance of less than 600 meters.
  2. 76 mm gun at any distance of aimed fire.
  3. Anti-tank rifle at the sides and gun mantlet at ranges of 150-200 m.
  4. Anti-tank grenade against the sides from 15-20 m.
  5. Bottle of incendiary fluid at the observation slits and engine grille from 20 m.
  6. Fire heavy machine guns at observation ports, armament, and at close ranges, the sides of the tank."
The dashed line with an arrow pointing to it indicates the location of the fuel tanks.

The red text in this image indicates the location of the engine.

[Red arrow]: Throw bottles of incendiary fluid at the observation devices and slits.
[Crosshairs] Aim rifle and machine gun fire at observation devices and slits.
[Crosshairs with a cannon shell]: Fire cannons, anti-tank rifles, and throw anti-tank grenades at the sides, turret, fuel tank, and engine."

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